13 of the World's Top Surfboard Brands

Everyone wants to ride the waves when the tide is high. Since waves can be rough, you need a reliable surfboard.

Below are the top surfboard brands that have been on the market for decades. Each has an interesting history, an excellent reputation, and a specialty.

1. Infinity Surfboards

The first of these top-notch surfboard brands is Infinity surfboards, started by Steve Bohene. Bohene founded the company in 1970, at the height of the surfing craze.

Steve shaped the company's first surfboard, a 7-inch balsa fin that had a number one on its tail. The company has created more than 45000 surfboards since then.

Steve and his sons, Dan, and Dave, are the company's board shapers. The Bohene family takes pride in its foam-sculpting craft, for which it is well-known. Steve put his first board together when he was 13. The company still makes an extensive range of short, long and tandem boards by hand.

2. Album Surfboards

Next in line is Album surfboards, started in 2001. The company built a reputation fashioning custom-made surfboards by hand. Most boards are tailor made, but it still keeps some for sale in its showroom in San Clemente.

Matt Parker, the company's head surfboard sculptor, shares the company's philosophy. Fun inspires Album Surfboard's designs, an element that many surfers associate with the company.

Another outstanding trait of the company is passion. Matt shares that he loves seeing his designs translate to a board that can work in the water. His wise advice to surfers is to have fun.

3. Bear Surfboards

Bear Surfboards began when John Milius made its first board for the movie, Big Wednesday. The film dwelt on the surf scene in Malibu in the 1960s and 70s.

Well-known Kauai board sculptors Billy Hamilton and Randy Rarick shaped the company's first boards. With their superb craftsmanship, the company earned a reputation for creating quality boards. The Bear icon became entrenched in the minds of Malibu's surfers.

The company's solid values helped it to grow this reputation. One of these values is respect. It shapes boards with customers needs in mind. With a spirit of innovation, it creates quality products.

Bear Surfboards started the Malibu Board Shorts trend. The shorts bore two characteristic lateral stripes. Matt Johnson, the movie's most defiant character, first wore them. These shorts were light, giving surfers high maneuverability.

Bear's reach continues to expand.

4. Jason Stevenson Surfboards

Jason Stevenson, the founder of JS Industries, built the company from ground up. His first-class skills and love for surfing earned him worldwide recognition. World champion surfers have ridden on JS boards, which bear the company's iconic Traktor logo.

The company is best known for creating surfboards using Hybrid Fiber technology. The patience, time and effort of skilled designers and surfers brought it to fruition.

JS Industries sells a range of attractive board fins in small, medium and large sizes. It also produces an array of simple, yet eye-catching t-shirts bearing the Traktor logo. Customers can complete the JS look with one of the company's vibrant caps.

5. Stewart Surfboards

Bill Stewart, who caught the surfing bug at 12, started the company in San Clemente. After learning the craft of board sculpting in various companies, he founded Stewart Surfboards. He opened his first shop at Dana Point and shaped boards by hand.

With an innovative team, he created a special board that characterized the company. The Hydro Hull became the cornerstone of Stewart Surfboards. The board rode the waves faster, and could negotiate sharp turns.

After 27 years of being in business, the company's reach continues to grow. Stewart Surfboards has well over 100000 boards to its name. Bill himself has created well over 40000 of these boards.

6. McTavish Surfboards

McTavish Surfboards is a premier board manufacturer in Byron Bay, Australia. Find boards that carry the McTavish name all over the Byron area.

The company's reputation has spanned over five decades. Known for its artistry, it sculpts a range of surfboards. Their creations include traditional boards, mid-length boards, and performance longboards.

This low-volume company makes most of these boards to suit customers' needs. It has a showroom where it displays over 200 boards. It also creates T-shirts and a range of surfing accessories.

McTavish invites the public over to its premises for movie screenings. It also loves to have people explore its showroom.

7. Surftech

Created over 25 years ago by a group of avid surfers, Surftech is a blend of surfing and technology.

The company has built a reputation for using innovative technology to create top-of-the-line surfboards. Surftech prides itself on its continuous evolution of technology. At present, it uses advanced Tuflite construction to create its surfboards. It makes boards with fiberglass, epoxy, and EPS foam.

It boasts a range of paddleboards, stand-up paddle boards, and high-performance surfboards. What keeps the company going is its professional work ethic. Quality, satisfaction, and consistency are at the company's center. Surftech's boards continue to be the perfect combination of performance and durability.

8. T. Patterson Surfboards

Timmy Patterson set up the T Patterson Surfboards glass shop in the summer of 1995. His father, Ronald Patterson, a skilled shaper, was a pioneer in the surf industry. His uncles, Robert, and Raymond Patterson were great board sculptors in the 1950s.

T. Patterson is a shop that has always forged its path, a trait that has made it famous. Timmy hand-finished boards at a time when most companies were using machine finishes.

Since then, thousands of superior quality surfboards have come out of these premises. The company produces psychedelic, funky boards that surfers feel proud to own. It has a clothing and art line as well.

9. Dewey Weber Surfboards

Dynamic surfer Dewey Weber established Dewey Weber Surfboards in the 1960's. With a magnetic personality, he was forceful in and out of the water.

This attention-grabbing man set himself up as a leader in the surf industry. He contributed ideas to surfboard technology and design. This pioneer industry player was one of the first to introduce apparel lines. The Dewey name as become synonymous with making a fashion statement.

Dewey still retains its place as a major industry player. It offers a range of state-of-the-art performance surfboards and SUPs. The company also provides a range of skateboards to land lovers.

10. DHD Surfboards

Darren Handley, a prominent surfer on Australia's Gold Coast, founded DHD surfboards. The Gold Coast inspired him to create some of the world's most flexible boards.

The company is well-known for detailed hand-shaping techniques. With a team of skilled shapers, Darren creates high-performance longboards. Surfers can ride them no matter how high the waves are.

DHD's philosophy is to create the perfect board. Darren's passion is to give surfers the ultimate surfing experience. Apart from longboards, the company offers fins and apparel too.

11. Vulcan Surfboards

Working with celebrated board sculptors in the industry, Dane Hantz established Vulcan Surfboards. He has on his team board-sculpting greats like Takayama and Gary Linden.

Vulcan creates boards based on sound engineering principles. The company is famous for its attention to detail. It won the Best High-Performance Shortboard design for 2015. They had a feature in Surfer magazine. Vulcan specializes in creating custom boards.

12. Channel Island Surfboards

Channel Island Surfboards have produced quality, high-performance surfboards since 1969. It has grown from a local company into a progressive, worldwide organization.

The company is best known for innovative, high-quality surfboards. Al Merrick, head designer, says that he desires to bring quality boards to surfers.

Channel Island offers Black and White Surfboards created for high speed and easy transitions. It also provides a range of backpacks and apparel.

13. Town and Country Surf

Town and Country Surf, started by Craig Sugihara, had humble beginnings in a barber shop. It has since grown and solidified its position in the industry.

Craig realized his interest in surfboard anatomy and how it affects performance. He focused on creating the magic surfboard that could adapt to any wave. The company produces boards based on the ethics of Hawaiian surfing. These center on power, respect, style and commitment. Town and Country Surf became famous for creating superior quality surfboards in Hawaii.

High-performance boards aside, the company also provides a line of apparel and other goods. Town and Country's aim is to bring superior goods to surfers. It gives quality customer service.

With decades of experience, these brands have forged trademarks. Each provides surfboards of unparalleled quality.

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