How to Choose the Best Boardshorts

Summers are for surfers. Isn't it? So when the sun holds its head high, and the temperatures soar, surfing your favourite waters is going to be on top of your list. But is your kit ready? Not without a nice pair of boardshorts.

Surfing is a classy sport. The two things that a surfer carries within are style and comfort. Hence your choice of surfing kit is as important as of your board and so is the case with your swim shorts. Different shorts compliment different people. Tight swimming trunks and sleek speedos don't suit all of us. But there's one kind that goes well with almost anyone, and that's the boardshorts. Water enthusiasts like to be in these throughout the summer, and hence it's important to buy what's worth it.

What are Boardshorts?

Keeping the jargons away, board shorts or boardshorts are the swim shorts designed with board surfers in mind. These shorts offer a loose fit with longer-than-normal legs. In the front, you would find Velcro or lace-up tie. Materials used for these shorts are lightweight and quick-drying. There's also a double tie system to make them stick to their place when strong waves pull you underwater. Board shorts have longer legs to keep your leg hair from ripping when you sit on the board covered in wax.

Things to Consider to Get the Best Boardshorts

Of course, the quest of choosing a potential buy starts with the budget. But once you get that sorted, there would be other considerations. How will you decide what's the best in that range? We are here to ease that dilemma for you.

Boardshorts have a lot different about them if we compare them to other swimwears. As boardshorts are special buddies of surfers, they have to have some features that add more comfort to the act. So here are some of the features you should be out in a hunt for to get the best pair.

1. Use

Boardshorts are for surfing, but that's not a law. You can use and wear them whenever and for whatever activity. Thus the first thing to consider is the purpose they're going to serve. For the ones wanting a pair for tanning and lounging can go with the baggies and retro boardshorts. For active sports activities like surfing and water skiing, go with something stronger.

2. Style

Styling is important, right? Yeah, so boardshorts come in a variety of colours, prints, and designs. You can choose your favourite colours, designs, or whatever makes you feel good about it. You can opt for bright colours for beaches, or you can even go with the evergreen black.

3. Materials

The material mostly used for making boardshorts is polyester. It's a smooth, durable and quick drying material and thus is perfect for water activities. Now if you think that's your only option, that's not the case. Many shorts use a 2 to 15 percent blend of spandex to enhance the stretch of the material. Next, some boardshorts use embossed fabric to reduce skin contact and resulting rashes. Further more, some shorts also use polyester made from recycled PET. Choose a pair offering all these properties as it's all about your comfort.

4. Fit

Fitting is important for boardshorts. You need something that protects your skin and is comfortable as well. This is possible only when it fits well. Begin with the waist size. Boardshorts offer sizes ranging from XS to XXL corresponding to the waist sizes of 28 inches to 40 inches. You can measure your waist with a tape or get the size of your trousers.

Now waist isn't the only thing that decides the fit of your shorts. It's also about the outseams and the inseams. The length of your shorts from top to bottom is the outseam and the inner length from the joint of two legs till the bottom is inseam. Best shorts would have a long inseam and a loose fit around the hips and legs. Mostly the length available is something between 21 and 24 inches (outseam).

5. Construction

Boardshorts have evolved with technological advancement. Now, some of the modern designs have taken the comfort levels even higher. For instance, 2-way and 4-way stretch shorts give more flexibility, and seamless shorts offer less friction to your skin. Some shorts may also have waterproof pockets, inner mesh, and zip fly. Look for such features. The more, the better.

6. Drying time

Would you roam around in wet clothes? Obviously not. So while your shorts are bound to get wet when you're surfing hard, you want it to dry soon when you're out. That calls for the fabric with lesser drying time. Polyester would be a better choice than others.

7. Closure

Often ignored, this feature is more important than you would think. Boardshorts have closure of string ties, Velcros, or even both. You should avoid the ones with button closures as they would create pressure points when on board. Also, you can avoid zippers and other metal parts as they might rust and corrode in salt water.

8. Pockets

You can also consider the pockets in your boardshorts. Most of the shorts have at least one pocket accompanied by a Velcro closure. Some shorts may even have multiple pockets, and that only brings problems. If pockets have zippers, make sure there's just one pocket. Zipper should better be of plastic to be corrosion free and durable.

Top Boardshorts in the Current Market

For men, the Speedo Surf Runner Volley Short is one of the top choices. 100% polyester shorts aren't very long but give decent length. There are a lot of colour and style options. Next, Hurley Men’s Puerto Rico Suede Boardshort comes with a good length, stunning designs, and added features. Some popular shorter ones would be the Hurley Men’s One and Only, the Quicksilver Men’s Frenzied shorts, and the Hurley Men’s BP Solid Phantom boardshorts. For ladies, there are limitless possibilities and options.

To Wrap it Up...

Whether a pro or a starter, surfers need to have the bests in their gear. So next time you buy yourself a pair of boardshorts, keep in mind the above points and see the difference. You'll love your shorts, and your surfing would be incredible. You need style and comfort, and that's what boardshorts are all about.

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